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We areĀ a Singapore based game development studio focused on developing our own IP. We develop video games and virtual worlds for all kinds of gaming formats and platforms.

Our first game released in late 2016 – Sairento VR – became one of the best-selling VR games globally. Highly regarded by the gaming community and critics, it is also one of the very few commercially successful virtual reality games.

We love engaging gamers. It’s customary for us to consult and discuss ideas with them since we began the journey as game developers years ago. We believe in building games that gamers want to play, hence your opinions matter to us. While we are responsible for coming up with the core concepts and master plan for the game, you can play a vital role in bringing about changes and new elements. As such, we welcome all your feedback and suggestions and will consider all carefully.


VR was made for this. Perform triple jumps, wall runs, power slides and slow time down while blasting away at a foe before landing to deliver a blade attack on another. Kit yourself with katanas, firearms, bows, throwing glaives and legendary relics. Keep upgrading as you play. PURE CYBER NINJA FUN.


An epic roguelike that combines the best elements of deckbuilding, tactical combat and strategic decision-making. Lead and manage heroes on gruelling missions. Forge bonds and discover new skills among them. Unravel curses laid upon the lands and defeat the ultimate evil at the heart of it all.


We are always looking for good people to join us. Send in your introductory letter and link to your portfolio to if you are a developer, graphics artist, animator, concept artist, music composer or even script writer!


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